Digital marketing is on the upward arc

Digital marketing is on the upward arc!

The disruption in consumer behavior

Our Digital marketing has been brought into immense consciousness in pre-pandemic. In a pandemic, the business had a hard time conducting business. Many existing businesses had to shut their doors in the pandemic era. Small businesses were the ones that were overblown particularly and tremendously.

In the pandemic time, Our a consequential change was scrutinized in customer behavior. As consumers were left with no choice but to fulfill their shopping and primary cravings through digital means.

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We can make it up to you!

Significant growth of consumers was digitally noticed. Many businesses across sectors leveraged on to this right set of circumstances and overcame the disruptions. Some of the businesses elevated to their peak potential through adapting the digital change.

However, some of the businesses got stuck in the loop and were not able to find their way out of the abyss. Several businesses incurred a huge loss or were on the verge of closing down the business affairs for good.

How the businesses were affected

Not every business owner is skillful to adapt to this new-age digital era. In India, 68% of the million small and medium businesses have been carrying their business operations offline for years. 77% of businesses in India lack digital awareness and an integrated marketing plan to carry their operations online.

Such businesses even if adapted to digital marketing end up spending more capital in experimenting with different strategies to follow one proven method or strategy. They end up spending substantially more on customer acquisition and fail to define metrics in their target audience.
We are an extravagant performance marketing agency. We optimize the ROIs of the business. We are not a media or designing agency, we perform our mastery precisely in digital marketing.

Our services include:

We strive purely with math. We understand numbers better than anyone else. Let us calculate and serve you with accurate growth parameters.

Every successful digital marketing strategy initiates with a plan. A marketing strategy has to be backed with a strong muscular plan. The marketing funnel has to be strengthened with a proven strategy to cater to the right target audience and convert a good lifetime value with the customers.

As a business owner, you do not need to master all these skills and ace every one of them. Let us take care of it. We are the masters of this expertise. No need to misspend your valuable time and money in exploring new ways and strategies to conclude the favorable results.

We already have discovered the proven strategies to elevate your business with our deliberately passionate team committed to hoisting your brand to reach unlimited heights. So don’t just sleep on your ideas and let’s work together and convert your vision into reality.

“At Fraction, we complete the whole number, and the only equation missing is you.”

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