100 Content Marketing Statistics You Need To Know About

The digital world is fast-paced and the trends are always changing It is important to keep up with the next new “fad” in order for your content to be up to date so that your account or brand is always on the engagement receiving end. It is important to carry out content marketing research and understand which departments should be involved in creating content for driving successful marketing results. Looking at the digital marketing facts below you will understand why content marketing is gaining popularity and the importance of content marketing and its different forms.

An online content marketer needs a content marketing strategy that must conform to the changing environment as it continues to transform. It is only the businesses that are aware of and responsive to the latest ongoing trends that will flourish and survive. Budgeting for content effectively requires knowledge of where to spend it. 

Keeping you informed about content marketing and advertising statistics and trends is our priority, so here’s a breakdown of what you need to know currently.

Content Marketing Trends

1. Businesses intend to spend more on content creation in 2022, according to 46% of respondents. – Content Marketing Institute

2. Over the last five years, the use of social media among seniors has increased 66%, increasing to 45% in total. – Pew Research

3. As of 2022, video will dominate as the most heavily invested channel in B2B marketing. – Content Marketing Institute

4. 45% of marketers intend to devote resources to social responsibility campaigns despite only 31% saying they are effective. – HubSpot

5. It is expected that in-person events will increase spending by 61% among content marketers in 2022. – Content Marketing Institute

6. There is a 42% increase in marketer budgets for virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR). –  HubSpot

7. Organic search contributes 51% to content consumption. – Kuno Creative

8. The struggle to create visually appealing and egaging content regularly ranks high among marketers at 36.7%. – Venngage

9. 94% of marketing executives believed their results in 2021 were successful. – Oracle

10. 33% of marketers do not rely on automation or artificial intelligence (AI) now, but plan to do so in 2022. – HubSpot

11. Content creators, content marketing managers, and content strategists are the top three jobs marketing executives will focus on hiring. – HubSpot

12. In the current state of marketing, only 12% of marketers use strategies related to voice search. – HubSpot

13. The percent of marketers planning to use infographics for the first time in 2022 is 38%. – HubSpot

14. Content advertisers use search engine traffic to measure content success 76% of the time, while backlinks are used by only 22% of them. – SEMrush

15. In 2021, virtual events had the highest success rate among B2B marketing channels. – Content Marketing Institute

16. Among marketers who perform content marketing, 59% use video as their main content format. It is their main component for content marketing – HubSpot

17. A whopping 94% of content producers distribute content via social media. – SEMrush

Statistical Data for Mobile Devices

18. In comparison with other forms of communication, people interact twice as much with businesses on smartphones. – Think With Google

19. A website that takes longer than three seconds to load will be closed by 53% of mobile users.- Think With Google

20. Users report that 57% would be unwilling to suggest a company with a sub-par mobile website design. – Form Stack

21. Three out of four cell phone owners search for immediate solutions first. – Think With Google

22. The average mobile screen time is considered to be 3 hours and 43 minutes – Emarketer

23. As of 2020, 54 percent of Indians were using smartphones, and 96 percent are expected to be using them by 2040. – Statista

24. The amount of money spent on mobile advertising is reported to be $341 billion in 2021, and it is expected to reach almost $500 billion by 2024. – Emarketer

Statistics on B2B Content Marketing

25. At 87% email marketing and 77% of educational content are considered as leading content marketing tactics used to engage the consumer. – Content Marketing Institute

26. Content advertisers achieved good results when it came to virtual events in 2021, with 58% reporting good results. – Content Marketing Institute

27. According to 63% of content marketing experts, creating content is one of their primary strategies for building loyalty with their existing customers. – Content Marketing Institute

28. Digital event budgets are expected to increase for 33% of B2B content advertisers. – Content Marketing Institute

29. The percentage of small and medium-sized companies that outsource a portion of their content marketing activities is 37%, 54%, and 75% respectively. – Content Marketing Institute

30. Experts believe that there is a strong likelihood that Twitter will become a major source of investing in audio in the future. – Social Media Examiner

31. A study found that only 66% of B2B content marketers put their users’ needs ahead of product sales pitches when they create content. Content marketers who are successful do so in 88% of cases. – Content Marketing Institute

32. There is a 47% rate of B2B marketers who do not measure the ROI of their content marketing campaigns. – Point Visible

33. Marketers whose campaigns are automated use chatbots in 40% of their campaigns. – HubSpot

Content Marketing Statistics for B2C

34. Among the top three types of content B2C marketers used in 2018 and 2019, social media made up 94%, blog posts/short articles made up 80%, and email newsletters made up 74%. – Content Marketing Institute 

35. 40% of content marketing professionals in the B2C industry only check their competitors once a year or never do so. – Conductor

36. Content marketing accounts for an average of about 26% of the marketing budgets of B2C companies. Successful content marketer devotes 40% of their time to content creation. – Content Marketing Institute

37. Data is only always incorporated into the distribution strategies of 33% of B2C content marketers. – Conductor

38. A total of 62% of B2C advertisers are planning to use influencer marketing by 2022. – HubSpot

39. Content marketing is outsourced by 55% of B2C marketers. – Content Marketing Institute

Marketing Statistics for Email

40. A total of 4,140,000,000 people use email around the world. – Statista

41. The unique open rate of marketing via email increased by 27% and the click-through rate increased by 11% when subject lines were personalized. – Experian Marketing Services

42. Campaigns that are segmented achieve 14.31% more click-through rates than those that are not segmented. – MailChimp

43. A discount email offers 72% more chances of being opened by consumers than one that doesn’t. – Campaign Monitor

44. According to 86% of experts, business interactions are primarily conducted via email. – Hubspot

45. In the average case, marketers receive a ROI of $42 for every dollar they invest in email marketing. – Litmus

46. Approximately $8,490,000,000 is reported as the global revenue from email marketing. – Statista

47. Emails are best sent between 6 am to 9 am PST on Monday. – Siege Media

48. The number of emails sent worldwide per day exceeds 319,000,000,000. – Statista

49. Consumers prefer brands to contact them via email 61% of the time. – Adobe Campaign

Statistics on Video Marketing

50. Short-form video is expected to be used by 29% of advertisers for the first time in 2022.  – Hubspot

51. Video consumption is highest among millennials. 75% of customers between the ages of 18 and 34 view videos at least once per day – Hubspot

52. In 2022, YouTube shorts are unlikely to be an area of focus for social media professionals. – Social Media Examiner

53. Adults use YouTube more than any other social network, with 81% reporting that they use it. – Pew Research

54. YouTube has 75% of U.S. consumers’ favorite video content, followed by Facebook with 64%. – Hubspot

55. Video helps customers understand products 97% of the time, according to costumers and online marketing professionals. – Wyzowl

56. In 45% of cases, consumers feel that brand videos are more authentic when they are filled with authoritative content. – Animoto

57. The video viewing experience is reduced for 26% of users when their phones need to be held horizontally. – Animoto

58. In the event of a negative mobile viewing experience, 39% of users will never watch another video from a brand again. – Animoto

59. It is expected that TikTok’s trend lifespan will become shorter. – Social Media Examiner

60. Video has been found to be invaluable in helping customers make a purchasing decision in 94% of recent studies. – Lemonlight

61. Approximately 64% of consumers say they have been influenced to make a purchasing decision through Facebook marketing videos. – Hubspot

62. Online video viewership from brands was rated as enjoyable by 99% of those surveyed in one survey. – Lemonlight

63. Only 38% of the general population watches video content before sleeping, compared to 56% of millennials. Additionally, videos are also watched 70% more often by singles before going to sleep than by married people. – Hubspot

64. In the short-form video, 89% of marketers around the world will spend the same or more than they did in the long-form video. – Hubspot

65. The motivation for commenting on a video is largely determined by emotion for 29% of men and 23% of women. – Animoto

66. Over the next few years, 81% of marketers plan to incorporate video into their marketing strategies. – Lemonlight

67In the last three years, video has become the marketing tool of choice for 86 percent of businesses, representing a 63% increase. – Wyzowl

68. A study found that 27% of men watch branded YouTube videos five times a day, while only 17% of women do. – Animoto

Statistics on Blogging

69. Each month, over 409 million individuals view 20 billion WordPress pages. – WordPress.com

70. 41% of bloggers write their content based on original research. – Orbit Media

71. There is an average bounce rate of 82.4% for blogs. – Siege Media

72. It’s reported that 38% of bloggers that spend more than six hours writing a post have positive results. – Orbit Media

73. In 2021, the average length of a blog post is 1416 words. 36% of bloggers report the best outcomes when they write 3000 or more words. – Orbit Media

74. Approximately 22% of bloggers posted new content on a weekly basis in 2021. – Orbit Media

75. It is estimated that every month, 70 million new posts are created by WordPress users alone. – WordPress.com

76. In terms of content types, bloggers report exclusive branded content and curated content to be their most successful. – Orbit Media

77. 43% of readers admit to just glancing at blog posts. – Hubspot

78. It has been proven that advertisers that prioritize their marketing efforts for example, giving blogging a priority see a 13-fold increase in return on investment. – Hubspot

79. Approximately 47% of bloggers usually include two or three images in their posts. Ten or more are reported by only 3% of respondents. – Orbit Media

80. 55% of marketing experts say that creating blog content is the number one priority of their inbound marketing campaigns. – Hubspot

81. Bloggers considered influencer marketing to be the most powerful method of promotion. – Orbit Media

82. One in five bloggers report that their efforts have yielded little or no results. – Orbit Media

83. In the B2B space, 47% of potential clients view three to five posts before reaching out to a sales representative. – Demand Gen Report

84. Compared with short-form content, long-form content between 3000 to 10,000 words has a higher sharing rate. – OkDork

85. It is common for blog posts to contain images in 90% of them, whereas lists in 60%, and statistics in 59% of them. – Orbit Media

86. The number of blogs on the internet today stands at 600,000,000. – WebsiteSetup.org

87. Creating content is becoming a bigger and bigger part of bloggers’ lives each year. According to bloggers in 2021, a blog post takes on average 4 hours to write. – Orbit Media

88. How-to articles are the most typical type of content created by bloggers. – Orbit Media

Statistics for Podcasts

89. A monthly podcast listener is most likely to be between the ages of 35 and 54. – Edison Research

90. The number of people who listen to podcasts each month is estimated at 120 million. – Statista

91. In terms of listening brands, Spotify currently has 31% of the market, followed by Pandora with 18%. – Edison Research

92. The number of Americans who listened to streaming audio in 2021 was 68 million. – Edison Research

93. At least 50% of homes report listening to at least one podcast, and 22% consider themselves serious listeners. – Nielsen

94. It has been reported that 52% of podcast listeners are men and 48% are women. – Edison Research

95. The percentage of monthly podcast consumers aged 18 and over who have studied at a four-year college is 27%. While 34% have graduated from grad school or earned an advanced degree. – Podcast Insights

96. A majority of 48% of podcast listeners listen to podcasts while they are at home, while 26% do so while driving. – Edison Research

97. Podcasts will be incorporated into the content marketing strategy for 17% of marketers. – State of Inbound

98. The average amount of time spent listening to online audio is 16 hours, 14 minutes per week. – Edison Research

99. There is a majority of 43% of people who listen to podcasts regularly listen to the whole episode. – Edison Research

100. Approximately 12 percent of Indians listened to podcasts as of 2020. – Statista

Thank you for reading. We hope you enjoyed this blog about digital marketing content. If you have any other questions feel free to reach out to us at fractiondigital.in

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