Local Link-Building Strategies in Your Budget

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The essence of SEO lies in Link Building. It is one of the core,  systematic approaches,  highly approved by Google. Link Building essentially means the acquisition of links from high-ranked websites and integrating them into your website.  This act optimizes the content and drives high traffic to the website. 

Different types of links from highly ranked sites,  do benefit the ranking of your website. But keep in mind the perils of competition for these types of links . They pose high competition in contrary to high conversions as well. 

Put a thought on the acquisition of such high-ranked links for local brands. Why is it important to build a strategy for link-building for local businesses?

What is Link Building for Local businesses?

Link Building for optimization of local businesses is a process of hunting the most relevant links from other websites and integrating these into a local business website.  This can be done by finding keywords based on geographical factors to lead to conversions. 

It is important to know how to get local backlinks, what are the best backlinks for local seo and how to build links. Link building tactics are essential and hold importance to grow traffic leads.

Here’s a detailed guide to link building tactics and Strategies. 

Top 50 Link Building Tactics for local businesses 

You must have guessed by now that local link building is necessary and important.  Here’s a comprehensive guide to Local link building  for SEO. Various Strategies  can be acquired through various types of links such as – 

  • Backlinks, 
  • Inbound  links 
  • Incoming links

Let’s learn how to do Link Building :

Participate in Local Competitions Awards

Participate to get noticed. Each locality holds competitions and contests to make the people of a particular area aware of businesses around. These local events could do a great deal to your business.  Add up to the list of upcoming events and draw attention. 

Google  search can be used for finding  upcoming events in your demographic area and you are good to go. Enlist all events of relevance.  Participate, perform and win is the mantra.

Once you’re a part of such events, your social presence is visible. The organisers of such events mention your business and there you go… a link is created. Add up such links and integrate them into your page or website. 

Magazines,  subscriptions,  newsletters, posters, brochures, etc. all add up to the visibility of your brand. These media can offer you various links to calibrate onto your page/website. 

The highlight would be a victory. Bagging an award in such competitions could land you onto the front page. Thereby, building several more backlinks from interactive pages. 

Hold your breath….as now you have established an authoritative domain in your locality.

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Collaborate with Local Influencers

Every local business area has some heroes. These influencers play a key role in building trust and bringing about a spectrum of opportunities with their brand exposure. Influencer marketing yields about 11 times higher return on Investment than hoardings and ads on kiosks and banners.

Collaborating with influencers can mean a win-win deal. If they agree for a guest blog on your social media, you’re undoubtedly going to rank higher. This is because they already have an established  base. Guest reviews and blogs can be high link building tactics. 

Apparently, a collaboration could be mutual as well. You can put online reviews about those influencers and in return they can give a shoutout post, a guest blog or an acclaimed mention on their website/social media page. This favor can earn you backlinks, which can create a wide consumer base for your brand.

Blog about a Niche In Your Industry

Start with a local blog. Mention those businesses who have excelled in their niche. Or maybe, Think of your industry, and mention the ones you can learn from and are admirable to you. 

Blogging initiates interaction, and engagements are catalysts for link building. Craft articles with quality content,  either informative  or short video easing up customer queries in your niche. Keep caution to include names of distant or indirect competitors only.

Highlight your content on social media like Instagram,  Linkedin, Twitter, etc. Also pitch your blog to link roundup. 

All these are high link building techniques. Backlinks can only be acquired through social interaction.

A benevolent competitor can payback your gesture and engage on your social media. There could be high chances of mention of your article or blog on their handle/page/website. 

And here you are…. You’ve got what you needed – Backlinks. Voila!

  • Create a Local Data Bank

A locality comprises a plethora of businesses.  Some niches and others yet to be well established.  Build an exhaustive guide to your area. Give a mention of the local resources available in proximity. Shops, local produce, indigenous crafts, history and culture,  various lines of business,  and on, and on, and on….this can prove to be quite exhaustive.

Linking to such establishments can provide you a systematic integration of links. Linking to other businesses yields backlinks. 

Creating a data bank  can be resourceful and return favors will start pouring in. If not, you in turn, can askfor one. Reaching out to the mentions on the resource page you created, can benefit in further building of links.

Finding Unlinked Online Mentions.

In the globe of the world online, there could be many who display your products, discuss about your services, but not all mention your name. 

Such unlinked mentions can serve as a golden opportunity. 

Reach out to them,  if they know your business and you can find their contact, and ask for a backlink. 

If they value your business, they’re sure to provide a backlink on being asked. However,  you must send Outreach emails to collect that link and build it tactically.

Google Alerts or Mention canbtrack all such unlinked mentions.  Tools like these make it an easy job done.

It’s noteworthy, all unlinked pages shouldn’t be  sought after  Only high authoritative domains which can promote your website,  should be taken into account.

  • Scout the Local Guides for Augmented Visibility 

 Gathering information and collection of data in must-do and must-see guides can provide valuable information. Any town or city would hold events. 

 Cultural events or entertainment hubs, or evidently a festive occasion , are held to draw the locals. Collecting data about these events can give you a chance to increase awareness about your brand. 

 Driving traffic towards your brand us the focal point with this tool. But, do not forget to research well. Researched sources can provide those valuable backlinks. Event websites should be linked to your business for visibility. One can also ask for a backlink from the event organizations. 

Combine your paid and organic social media marketing  with such events. This will send mixed social signals. 

Networking and PR Can Yield Backlinks 

Have you heard of alumni gathering at colleges? Most colleges and universities hold Alumni gatherings. These get togethers collect data to form an alumni directory .

There dedicated pages for a successful alumni who has made the college proud. 

What can make your name feature on that page?

Ask the college authority to feature your business on that directory page  or even other  college website. The features can fetch a highly acclaimed “.edu” link as a backlink. 

Also, these colleges and universities gain a lot of views in context of enquiries,  admissions,  student academic information, Teacher’s page, etc.

Therefore,  networking and PR can lead to a growing list of backlinks  which can make your domain authoritative. 

While, some institutions do not prefer such integration or network.  They adhere to strict policies and this could hamper your process of building a link. 

Likewise,  you can  link your high authority social profiles or citations.

  • Links from Review websites 

Almost every consumer goes through reviews of a particular business. Reviews give an insight about how a business has performed in the eyes of the consumer as well as information about existing business is easily acquired .

Review Sites mine data in different niches and various industries. For example,  ‘Top 7 Digital Marketing Agencies In Mumbai’

SERP rankings are higher when a local business is listed or mentioned  on the Review Sites. If particulars like Name, Address  abd Phone number (NAP) matches on the review sites,  local directories and Google listings,  your business is sure to rank higher.

Local links are directly proportional to Google rankings. 

                  More links = high ranks.

Write Articles in the Newspapers and Magazines

Local newspapers and newsletters have dedicated local, regional columns. Writing a column in the newspapers  gives more visitors on your website. Highly  acclaimed visitors will certainly leave you  with backlinks. 

Putting your thoughts or views in print is a great idea to seek visibility,  awareness of your brand,  sight relevance as well as grow trust for your brand in people’s mind. 

The publication agencies seldom provide link building opportunities. An offer to write in newspapers or magazines can win you a few link building tactics. 

If your content is juicy and noteworthy,  then all could go well. You will be well promoted as well as opportunities for link building could be available. 

Newspaper columns are well read and if you write quality content ,the links will pour in as it is. Additionally,  the agency could 9ffer you to write editorials too.                            

 Two is better than one, ain’t it?

Advertise in local community magazines

  Every local community issues magazines or newsletters for their particular region/area. Getting noticed in  such  magazines or  newsletters  gives an insight into the local brand marketing . Not only do this magazines make people aware of your brand but also allow you to notice the trends going on in the market. An are could have varied interests but also common likes and dislikes. This list can be categorized and used to our benefit.

Small businesses have a very low budget and a dire need to get noticed. Such tools come handy in this phase. The ad spend can be divided region wise .Targeting small areas proves more beneficial than covering up a large town or a  metropolitan city. Ironically,  bigger the area, larger and finer the focus should be. Also, the budget has to be kept relevant. 

The subject /content covered in your website will attract links. Entertainment,  culture, sports or restaurants around the city, whatever is covered can  build interests for local residents  and  in turn provide links.  Coherently, social media marketing also can boost interest and the exposure of your website rapidly.

  • Develop an App 

 Development of an App for the business can personalize the business. Local link building  would be easy when people engage on your App. 

Use infographics and  educational  content to grab interest. Local community event page, entertainment page,  history and cultural page, a local guide to restaurants and nightlife places around the vicinity  can be some of the topics to be covered. 

Developing an App has to be done by  a technical  expert. This could mean spending a little more  buck but can prove a game changer if it’s possible to do so.

Once the apo is built, a little effort has to carried out to reach out to the  audience. Engagements will lead to providing backlinks. 

A cycle now begins….More app downloads,  more engagements, more links….you’re sorted.

Analyze Your Competitor 

 Building a strong bond with the customer requires constant support and satisfaction of the customer. Qualitative backlinks are native to authoritative niches.

While maintaining a healthy relationships with your customer,  do not forget to keep an eye on your competitor.  Competitor’s backlins can be incorporated into your website for greater visibility  and higher ranking.

Finding high quality backlinks and integrating them into authoritative niche into our domain can be a clear winner on your part. But, beware of any spam links which passby. 

Nowadays,various tools are available  for generating competitor’s backlinks. Aherfs, CognitiveSEO  are tools that analyse algorithms and authoritative metrics . Also  DomainRank and TrustFlow are two other tools which extract high authoritative links.Businesses can export the backlinks to CSV, and sort all of them in Microsoft Excel. Experts advise doing a manual analysis of such links youn need to be wary of comment links, forum links, 

  • Write E-books 

 E-books are non print media channels of promoting your website. Writing a concise e-book  will help in building a base to gain trust abd build authority.  They are also a form of proving expertise in your niche. A mailing list can be banked and thus backlinks can be obtained. 

An ebook is just the beginning. Content with context can be provided for an enriched insight about small businesses. A great pitch can levitate you for a headstart. Tactically, include all necessary information in the later chapters.

An ebook should serve purpose for a triggered problem of the customer. Once, you resonate with them, further possibilities and solutions can be worked out. On doing so, thus strategy could leverage profits soon.

Factual validation with easy to-do solutions can build readership.  Be consistent in the content quality and you’re sure to earn backlinks. Non plagiarized content wins high and also provides high ranking.

Market your ebook across various channels.  This will give popularity as well as grow your possibilities of gaining exposure.  Backlinks will follow to.

 Ego Bait Content and Link Building 

 Creating a highly acclaimed and qualitative approach towards link building through ego bait can take you closer to your targeted audience. Basically,  it’s stroking an acclaimed influencer for pulling backlinks from them. Interests overlapping with an influencer within the same niche industry. 

So, how does ego bait work?

Simply put, content creators are on a lookout for publicizing their work to different audiences. While one can recognize and share somebody’s work. He can in turn share your work to his audiences. In this process, the audience base increases in your niche and provides valuable backlinks. 

Sharing same space within another niche adds up value to your own. It’s highly likely that your site is more visible, and gains more exposure. Such, acclaimed visitors  share these social media references.  This lands backlinks for further effect. 

 A return favor could be highly expected  and guess what, you should be ready to pay this small price for the value obtained.

Facebook Ads is a great platform to get maximum exposure . Though link building opportunities are quite low.  Yet, one cannot override the benefits of this tool.

Facebook Ads is a platform to offer solutions for a particular areas and  geographical demographics. Your followers on Facebook too get a clear solutions to doubts they have.

A paid ad campaign on Facebook  is yet another tool to generate awareness,  visibility and exposure. Do not forget to link your website to Facebook.  Thus, backlinks can be sought through this ad campaign. 

Facebook Ads is perhaps one of the only effective strategy to make an impact in perception to area. Your specific area targeting can provide you valuable backlinks.

Collaborate With Local NGOs for a Facebook ‘Likes’ Drive. 

Partnering with local NGOs helps to generate valuable relationships. You can collaborate for with a high authority charitable institution for getting valued backlinks and they would be happy to participate for help in form of donations. 

Basically,  Facebook Like Drive is to sort a charitable institution for which you pledge donations in return of each ‘Like’ received. Also, decide the maximum amount you want to donate and scale the cost of campaign accordingly. Initially, small businesses start with small spending.

Secondly, tag the charity page you are pledging your donation to and get into the attention  of their followers. Every engagement is going to provide a backlink and so on and so forth.

Usually,  backlinks are drawn by blog announcement or a PR ( press release) on their social platforms.  This campaign can be collaborated with many such institutions to further have a chance of getting more and more backlinks.

Offer Free Resources and Shareable Assets 

Free! This word  resonates with attention.

A business can offer high resolution and niche photography on the website. Not all photos are free online. Some consumers hesitate purchasing a photographic asset of  a particular site. Such offers bring in customer acquisition and retention. 

Various sites like Pixabay,  WikiMedia allow free downloads.  One can freely use these images without a purchase . What you do is ask for an attribution in return. As, high resolution images beautify any page or can make a blog attractive. Hence, a favor in return would be easy to come. Backlinks will inherently get built whenever these images are used. Using Google’s Image Search 

In continuation  to our above strategy,  I’d reiterate high resolution images means high bonus. On floating your visual resources for free , await for a consumer to use these images. Any usage can be tracked on on the Google Image Search.  Sites using these images  can be accessed and checked for a backlink.  

An attribution can now be asked in your favor.  Inform them that these photo resources are copyright protected. Thus, a high authority domain can provide you backlinks on using your free to download images. Leave aside unacclaimed sites Use Google  Consumer Insight Surveys  

Surveys are a method to ensure customer satisfaction. It’s an important tool to say that customer opinions matter a great deal .

 Building trust = Building links.

Customer feedback not only gives us a chance to improve, but also provides valuable information about their demands, wants and needs.

Google Surveys could be of great help in taking valuable surveys from the audience. Surveys enriches one to gather data on relevant subjects. These topics range from, the expectations of a consumer from your brand, to valuable inputs of a how a brand could be presented or even importantly tips on brand improvement. 

Furthermore,  gather all such data to accumulate as a data bank and await the backlinks to come in gradually.

Surveys are effective but link building in this strategy could be gradual. Such information boosters educate us with local businesses and strategies to draw attention from the public. 

Create A Google Custom Map 

 Google’s custom Map tool is used to mark maps, tags, locations as well as nearby landmarks.These maps can be used by local businesses  to map the demographics that maybe relevant to their domain. Thus,  specific maps can be created for specific purposes.  For instance,  if you’re trying to locate restaurants around a particular area that you’re visiting, then locations of such relevance can be marked; whereas if one is searching for pharmacy stores ,then nearby  pharmacies can be pinpointed. Various places according to your local need can be highlighted. 

These relevant highlights can be uploaded onto your webpage. Further on, contact such organizations for backlinks.  Your website will now be loaded with such backlinks.  

Lastly, to inform you that there could be endless opportunities  and multiple maps  an be created on the basis of relevant needs.

Enroll into Local Business Directories 

 New customers oftentimes local directories for finding an existing or new business listing. Local directories listing enables Google algorithms. While Google categorizes hour business niche, but it also ranks you in that particular area with that specific niche. Your Business is more likely to rank higher with these algorithms.  And also, the probability of the customer finding you clearly increases.

If your website follows the format of NAP precisely, then the links should be at easy reach .

The keywords used by Google to find such niche listings are – “Business listings,  “Business directories,”  or “Free business listings. ” 

For instance,  if you try to find  Heart Hospitals in Mumbai, you could get loads of listings from various directories. 

Furthermore,  contact such listings and ensure that your NAP matches that of your own website and  add them Google My Business. The more links Google sees, the more it is likely to associate your business with that very industry.

Enlist into Specific Niche Directories  

 Specific niche directories can also be narrowed down according to specific are directories. Local directories too can include specific niche directories according to areas in the city or town. These are known as Hybrid directories. 

Enlisting into these high authoritative domains  can do a lot good to your business. Google rankings could be higher fir specific directories enlistment. A customer can search for a local business matching to your niche industry  and  zoom……you get featured.   

Some searches pertain sentence search keywords. For example,  doctors in mumbai or orthopedic doctor in mumbai,  that’s even more specific. 

Local listings or mentions are of core importance to build authority and build incoming links onto the site. More the links, higher possibility of getting featured.

Enlist into Jobs search Domains 

 Human resource department is a highlander  turnover industry. Job seekers are always searching for jobs. Job opportunities are endless and so  are job postings.

Indeed.com, Monster, Linkedin,   Naukri .Com are some  of the highly acclaimed domains which facilitate  job search. These website listing could provide backlinks for sure.

Every need for a post in your company can be posted with specific needs on the ‘Careers ‘ page of your site. These links can be left on whichever job portals you plan to target. In addition,  also link the information about your website  link into this job listing on a portal.

Some organizations may decide to keep a job post up indefinitely in pursuit of the ‘perfect’ candidate, which also ensures that the backlink remains active.

Such websites  always give informational links about the job fairs held by them. These pages can provide considerable amount of link building.

Create A Local Blog 

 A blog giving local information  xan rank well if they are promoted well. Search for the right forums to channelize your blog in that domain.  Right platforms will lead to right cues for link building. Basically,  finding the right channel is key to this strategy.  

Local sites which promote hyper-local content , Blogadda, Reddit,  etc. are befitting examples. To explain further, if you are searching for winter vacation spots,  such a blog could be considered as a specific subreddit  and will push fort a suitable backlink to you.

A rich content idea can gain the attention of readers. If your blog informs or promotes local content , then it’s likely  to be valuable  to your target audiences.  However,  in this technique,  self promotional  content can repel further engagements  devouring any attention. 

Content Promotion with Local Influencers

The established goodwill and expertise  of influencers can take you an extra mile. Therefore,  collaborating with such influencers  can level up your position to expand visibility of your content.

The inputs of these influencers on core topics in the local market can make an impact  and further give the necessary exposure to your domain.   Promotions and shoutouts made by these influencers will catapult your image  and increase your popularity.  

Not only same industry influencers rather, other niche influencers can propel the impact of your brand on people’s minds . 

More Exposure = More Backlinks. 

Offer Discounts  

Offering discounts to local, loyal customers  can increase your goodwill and build a strong reputation. 

Discounts or sales can be planned with time for the targeted customer. For instance,  various senior citizens and students’ discounts usually close the deal. Similarly,  increasing various valuable groups into the circle can benefit the business. 

The customers getting discounts are tempted to give  information about their experience,  would enlist in your directory.  Backlinks from these directories are possible.    

Links to such discounts  or deals can be found on Google.  Search for NYC inurl:discounts,  list and you get a whole lot of information regarding it. Almost offers in NYC are now displayed o  the homepage. 

Such list moderators can be contacted , and asked to be linked for a specific discount for a group that you are looking to target.

Participate in  /Host  a Local event 

Local events scale up various ways to build social skills, also, building business relationships  (B2B ) and promoting products to garner hyper-local backlinks. These events also provide opportunities to the fairly new businesses to interact & collaborate   for building locam backlinks.

Another option would be to volunteer to host an event.  Speaking about your niche or maybe engaging in a workshop. This could build a rep at the event where the local elite also visit.  This activity provides backlinks as well as interact withe community as a whole. Meetups with prominent people  can get you featured in a newspaper article too. Consequently,  gather all backlinks of the event. Thus, these hyper-local,  authoritative  and diverse links are included in your NAP profile. That means bagging all goodies in the pinäta bag   

Also, keep a close eye watch over your budget. This tactic allows you to build many SEO efforts  and reap benefits too.

Local Bloggers’ tie-up  

Blogging has taken  a mainstream pedestal  nowadays.  Bloggers have been acclaimed as business catalysts. Close to cent per cent , companies benefit from their own blogs. 97% receive links while the ones who do not blog regularly, fall back. 

Each blogger has his own niche. Travel Bloggers to business Bloggers, or tech Bloggers to mom bloggers,  each one is well versed with their respective industry.  One can get into a collaboration with the one most relevant to you. Significantly,  a blogger can urge you to share or like the posts. Thus, choosing a collaboration with a blogger sends strong social signals and eventually collects backlinks .

Bloggers should not only write quality blogs but also be consistent.  Like, share,  comment behavior should be engaged into the bloggers ‘s audiences. Social signals help us to collect backlinks. Therefore, encourage audiences to share your posts.

Blog pots content holds a fairly good amount of attractiveness  fir the audience.  Hence, the theme or topics of the blog should be in relevance to your core ethos. Write what people would love to read. Collaborating with another blogger has to balance the blog topic related to both niches. 

For instance,  if a fashion blogger wants to tie-up with a mom blogger, it has to do something with kids. This topic  can bring about the needed balance in relevance to both parties.

Use Infographics 

Infographics enhance a page, blog or any content.  To uplift the total outlook of a page or a blog infographics several of great purpose.  Highlighting  content through infographics can be more catchy to the eye as well as serve as a visual eye candy. 

One single ,high resolution image too can beautify your content to a great extent. A more statistical approach would state that web traffic on infographic pages are higher than plain content reads. A sneaky 12 percent,  is the number up the the scale of infographical pages in comparison to plain content. 

So, what’s the wait for…. 

Create your content in pictures. High definition images area visual treat and pass on the message in an instant.  Have you ever noticed, travel vontent is always aided with beautifying snippets of the desired holiday destination ? Yes, now you get it….

Trending deals of various travel packages have flooded the market and are alluring customers through high resolution infographics.  Not only that, but housing rentals, tastefully  curated dishes of a restaurant can all be well depicted by infographics. 

Now, how do we get backlinks from this technique? 

Here’s the answer…

Hunt for websites using alluring infographics. Write a blog in the same relevance or more exciting topics about travelling. You can work in tandem with such websites and start with your link building activity.  Tap the subreddit subscribers in your local area with relevance of this trend.

Avail Local Internships 

Offering internships  to students can connect your websites to their universities.  This can prove beneficial in gaining  high authority backlinks. 

An internship prospect page can be added on your website to attract prospects. Then, oot for tie-up with universities for campus placements in your company for the students of those universities. 

While universities benefit from such tie ups your business can acquire interns and also gain backlinks from their universities. The intern prospect page can be interlinked with the placements page of the university or college. Offering lucrative intern programs can win you a great deal. Thus interlinking is the source to backlinks. 

In a rare scenario, institutions can offer placements but not link your business on their page. To mitigate such problems, start with specific department interlinking. Getting listed on a department’s page could also garner authority backlinks.

Hyper-local Influence  

 Influencers creating  local guides attract followers. These followers form the category of your target audiences, when you’re in a collaboration with such influencers. Hyper-local content  creators will provide you an opportunity to conduct various programs at a local level. 

Local influencers have a number of listings in local guides. Their popularity can be lucrative for your brand.

Interview influencers with high acclaim.  They’d agree to do so because it will add up content to their social media.  Additionally,  such influencers have a huge fan following,  when you conduct an interactive interview,  these followers will be more than eager to see, like and comment on this interview post. 

Alternatively,  more content with embedded links can be uploaded or offered for free downloads  or copy and paste.

Encourage Local Photographers  and Use their Images 

Quid pro campaigns like exchange of creative should be used while carrying out a small business. For instance, exchange of images for relevant content.  

The niche for photography has been gearing up with great speed nowadays.  People pursuing photography  can be found in many  local areas . A collaboration with suchlike can boost your SEO efforts as well as can make your website look more aesthetic. 

Once, a collaboration has been agreed upon ,share the images with your content on your social media and also request the photographer to do the same. This will  keep the  backlinks outpouring. Equal attribution on both sides is a benefit for both parties.

But, niche Photographers are hard to find. Therefore,  one must encourage creativity locally, to benefit from it. It’s a win-win deal on both sides and a great way to local link building.

Grant Educational  Scholarships 

Educational Scholarships are a dire need for quite a few students.  Students are always on a search for grants & Scholarships. 

Sponsoring such grants and Scholarships is a high authority strategy for link building. Though less lucrative but highly authoritative and thus, a worthy investment opportunity. 

The primary goal to achieve backlinks from ‘edu.sites’ can only be acquired by participating in such trends. The local institutions are always welcoming to sponsorships  and grants. Here’s a chance for small businesses to grab an opportunity on the educational level and leave a mark to garner future backlinks.

Firstly, decide upon a budget you are willing to give as a sponsorship. Consider various aspects of such sponsorships in relation to ; finance, administration,  privacy policy, duration of the offer, etc. 

There could be various institutions established in the local area of your business   Ascertain which ones you want on board. Approach the shortlisted ones and discuss all terms and conditions. Initially,  discuss and acquire knowledge by understanding the various concepts in relevance.  Student forums, academic counselors,  financial consultants, all or at least some of the guides need to be met up with,  to get started with the post of a sponsor.

Grant Local Sponsorship 

A second tier to educational sponsorship is going localagain but a scale up. This strategy will ensure a considerable amount of backlinks as well. Reiterate your business by scaling sponsorships and that too locally.

Innumerable options await grants in various fields of activity.  For instance,  sports competitions, local events, festival organizations  or maybe a charitable institution or hospital.  Pick what matches your budget and policies and get started. Sponsoring such events  can earn you high authority backlinks. Additionally,  request a mention on the institutions ‘pages rather than certification or medals which depreciate. 

These local institutions are more than ready to please all sponsors  , which is a boon to boost  your CSR efforts. 

One more added advantage is that,  such events are usually captured by news agencies.  So now, with increased visibility and exposure  comes an outpour of high-quality backlinks. 

To find opportunities for local sponsorship use search engines like Google.  Type , ‘inurl:sponsors “Mumbai”. Thus search can lead you to the institutions who need sponsors. 

Create A Microsite

A microsite is an individual web page or a small cluster of pages which  function as a discrete entity within an existing website or to complement an offline activity. So basically,   microsites target small and specific subjects. For example, if your brand is for girls couture, you can create a microsite about colour trends for girls or maybe another one for accessories to go with the couture you have designed or maybe fabric trends for kids in Mumbai. 

Though there could other Microsites in your website, still the core relevance will remain the same i.e. Girls fashion couture.  But by creating these microsites will bring about  a number of inbound links from the local sites . To add up, backlinks can be gained from niche-related sites  too.

A Microsite ‘s primary purpose is to draw attention towards the main website. This would enhance the SEO of your website. The only point to remember is to create high-quality content. 

While the microsite is doing a good business for your website,  in no time it can form an independent entity. At this point,  the SEO rankings will take aleap for three brand as a whole.

Conduct Local Writing Competitions  

Now that your brand is well known,  strategies  such as local Competitions can be conducted.  Arranging Writing Contests can be a great idea. You can also involve the press for extended coverage. Also, various local  institutions can participate in these  competitions. 

Firstly,  create a webpage about  Q&A regarding the writing contest.  Basic queries about the contest like, date of commencement,  date of submission,  submission guidelines , etc. can be answered  on this page.

Secondly,  contact local institutions for participations.  Spread awareness through radio ads  and your social media channels. Highlight this competition and extend wide coverage  for further effect. 

Lastly,  prep yourself for an outpour of backlinks. With this contest ‘edu.links’ as well as a goodwill bank will be created for your brand.  Sponsoring  a prize for the winner will do even more good.

Credibility,  visibility,  .edu links , backlinks,  local awareness and press coverage,  that’s your basket of goodies. 

 Offer Free Testimonials  

A Business works in alliance. Buying raw materials from a vendor to getting a dress stitched from a tailor or from painting contractor to a plumber,  electrician,  a construction company also works in alliances. 

Transactions with other businesses are liable while carrying out a business. 

Providing testimonials to alliances  in exchange of a backlink is a good way to take things forward. The alliances look forward to the goodwill earned and you can gain backlinks. 

The testimonials will do a lot good to these businesses. Approximately,  more than half the customers  look for reviews and testimonials before making a purchase. Also, you can post these testimonials on a separate webpage on your website. 

This strategy builds a great rapport between businesses and is beneficial on both ends. 

Connectwith customers  with free Wi-Fi  

Wi-fi is a term synonymous to using a cellphone. Everyone uses wifi,  be it students, executives or WFH (work from home) workers  or anyone with a smartphone. 

With smartphone demand rising high like never before,  a wi-fi connection  is a priority.  More than 50 % of employees connect to a free network.  Evidently,  most people prefer a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection.  A Free internet guide is also a high ranked search on Google. 

What can you do? – if you have a stable and strong Wi-Fi connection available,  you can allow people in the vicinity of the router to use the connection.  But, you need to remove the password authentication feature. 

How can you do it? – Reach out to websites offering a free Wi-Fi zone.  Local backlinks from this strategy are sure to be found.

Here’s a list offering free Wi-Fi:




Create A Text Post from Infographics  

We’ve already learnt how to create infographics , now let’s do reverse engineering  to make them into enriched text posts. 

Find local infographics and convert it into high quality text content. Search ‘city +Infographics ‘, you can type the name of any city in the search.

You’ll be sure to find  quite a few infographics that can be written about. Another way to do it is, to specify towns, suburbs according to your vision.  On finding a relevant image , use your creativity to make it an interesting read. 

Usually, a demographical data can be interpreted and elaborated to make it  into a compelling blog.

 Update the infographic with high-quality content.  Also, try and add some insights by an expert, if possible. That’s a total reverse engineering process applied to the infographic. An infographic post into a text post.. Voila!

Garner Bookmark Links from social media

Social bookmarking is a method that includes high authority strategies to build links into a website.  That’s why it is strategically used for authoritative link building. 

The main purpose of social bookmarking is to augment page authority levels.  About 10 to 20 PA can be increased by usage of this tactic. 

Firstly,  create an account on social bookmarking sites which you have researched thoroughly and shortlisted them. Though, that’s not a high authority activity,  yet “one is better than none, ” in case of new microsites created within a website. These new pages should be updated with all your credentials like, proper website address, NAP information,  etc. This will give an enhanced listing on the bookmarking site. 

Some of the social bookmarking sites are –

  • Pinterest 
  • Slashdot
  • Diligo
  • Tumblr 

While experts advise to not use these social bookmarking sites excessively as there’s a considerable risk involved,  pertaining to the quality of such bookmarking. 

Target Link Building in the Second Tier  

Now that you have made a visible and established space in the First tier link building  on your website, it’s time for adding up another level.

Second tier link building involves adding newer links to the existing links ,in relevance with your niche .In this strategy one can also highlight existing links by using new, relevant links, thus, building a more beneficial level of link-building. 

For instance, writing testimonials or guest columns and blogs on a related domain  and further sharing it on other social media channels. It depicts the first tier by writing a blog and the second tier by publicizing on other channels. 

Furthermore,  any more mentions or relevance on other sites can form a second tier link building level. This tactic will increase chances to make your website rank highly authoritative. Moreover,  various shares can be offered by third party sites. All these strategies lead to boosting your SEO  and CSR efforts and makes your site more valuable too.

Prepare a Local Task/Events  Calendar

Usually,  there are various events held in a local area . Scheduling these events or tasks can be helpful. Events like a sports match or an opening of an institution can be marked on this calendar.

The central idea of a local calendar is to include  all events relevant to your locality. 

 Entertainment,  recreation, social, festive occasions, or even a new movie release can be marked on the calendar. A step further now….Showcase your event calendar on local news, or promote it with local influencers  or maybe circulate it amongst friends and family.  Sharing  your calendar locally will bring you backlinks and it will benefit your website and we’ll also increase your web page.

Link Building from local business Associations  

 One can spot a local organisation not only in a locality but in various towns the States or even a country.  These associations allow local businesses to join or subscribe to them with a membership fee.  Local businesses should join these associations,  if it is affordable to them. 

 For example lawyers can join the bar association of lawyers. 

 Getting listed on to these associations will not only boost the SEO efforts of your website but also garner highly acclaimed backlinks.  These backlings would boost your business and also create trust amongst the local people.

There are various ways to find such associations,  Search For the following terms:

  • “city” “industry/niche” council
  • “city” “industry/niche” society
  • “city” “industry/niche” association
  • “city” “industry/niche” alliance

You can usually find lists of these associations all grouped together for you with this query:

  • “city” “industry/niche” intitle:associations
  • Feed the Hungry through local Food Banks 

 Eradicating hunger is one of the most difficult tasks on this planet. More and more people are trying to do their best to solve this problem. Your business can volunteer to be a part of this motion. You can use this opportunity to build goodwill amongst your local community.

 There are many websites which also take care of this problem and have developed a   Web page for serving the hungry. They also have a separate sponsors page.   Getting a name enlisted on the sponsor’s page will earn you authoritative domains  and you can gain acclaimed backlinks. 

  These authoritative Backlinks will do a lot of good to your SEO efforts and rank you high on Google. 

Local Shelters Grants

 Local shelters who take care of animals or homeless people are always in need of donations. This is  a great resource to donate and help the needy.  Various other types of shelters also can be taken into the list of donations from your business.

 Such acts are not only good for social welfare but also build  goodwill and local significance.  These websites publish newspapers on newsletters and subscribed magazines which  are highly authoritative.  They can surely provide highly acclaimed visitors and eventually high authority backlinks. 

 Donation to local shelters not only increases traffic on your website but also helps Google to ascertain,  in which area you operate and your activity in a particular location.  It will now rank you higher in that specific area and thus, make your website highly authoritative in a specific locality.

Make use of Unstructured citations  

 Your business details such as name, address, phone number or NAP ; on unlisted and unlinked directory sites are known as unstructured citations. These include social profiles, databases, government sites, industry associations, blogs etc.

The NAP  provides an important social signal for local search algorithms. The real value of these citations does not only come from backlinks on the site but this basic profile  holds a lot of importance.  Basically,  the unstructured citations or  NAP information not only builds up your brand reputation but also increases traffic on your website in relevance to your niche .

 For example,  if you are into a furniture business in Gurgaon, then a local  Furniture,  Home and living magazine could cover your brand and boost awareness in the local area as well as in the relevant niche  of your industry.

 What do you need to do for this strategy to work? 

  • Advertise In classified ads 
  • Enlist into free or paid local directories 
  • Search “city+business directory ” or “Free business listings in the local area”
  • Create brand awareness.

Gain Highly Authoritative Wiki Links  

 Vicky links a highly authoritative backlinks which not only boost your website but also provide value.

So, how do we go about it? 

Here’s the answer…. 

 Wiki links are not as simple as adding of any link from Wikipedia but you need to take care of various things before you add it  to your website. For instance,  whitepapers of your industry  on your website,  reviews,  research  papers, etc. need to be in place. On acquiring all the relevant content on your website,  you can cite your website on Wikipedia.  Type the following:

{{cite web | url=URL |title=TITLE | publisher=PUBLISHER | date=PUBLISHING DATE | accessdate=ACCESS DATE}}

So, as to keep these backlinks alive, the citations should be kept brief and detailed information of a subject should be avoided. The citations should be inherently of great value and enriched insight of a specific topic.

Engage in Local Meetups  

Networking is very important for a business and Meetups serve such a purpose.  At meetups, it’s not only meeting people of other businesses  but also networking , finding alliances and last but not the least, creating brand awareness is also essential.

 A secret ingredient  to this mix is backlinks.  Yes, while you interact and engage you’re on a path to link building. Another interesting way to create backlinks is to subscribe to a group or join in a niche group. To top it all, sponsor local meetups. And here you are, an ace rubber to pitch tge company owner for some highly authoritative backlinks. 

To find groups of your niche, interest or industry, etc. you  can find them at www.meetup.com

Donate for Charity to Earn Valuable Backlinks  

Some high authority local sites offer backlinks with a nominal subscription of $5 as an exchange favor of donations  or charity or support to a local institution.

Find appropriate websites in need and support their cause or pay up for hosting their website  or sponsor any legitimate need. You can even offer to print t-shirts or caps or bags of their brand.

Consequently,  with your volunteering efforts you can reap benefits in the form of a mention on their website’s sponsors page or maybe at the footer amen tional can be sighted. Also, a highly valuable link can be earned in the form if a blog of your donations could be printed on their website. 

Google would thus rank your website quite high in your local area. This would boost your page authority, SEO, trust score, goodwill, etc

Tie-up with Local Clubs or Organizations 

Clubs like Lions Club, Rotary, Red cross are found everywhere   in almost all cities of a country. They’re categorized according to demographics and work in Chapters, States, or Communities, etc.

Here’s a search pattern you can use to find these clubs: “city intitle:sponsors” (Example: Mumbai intitle:sponsors).”

Either become a member of such renowned clubs or either sponsor an event held there.

Most of these clubs have a dedicated sponsor page and your name is sure to be enlisted if you sponsor or maybe you will gain a mention into the members list of the club. 

What you can continue to do is promote your sponsored events on your website  and integrate all the backlinks gained. 

The Takeaway

In this guide , I have tried to include all tips and tools necessary to build links on a website.  Follow the above link building tactics for a great link building strateg  of your business website. 

Link building is the topmost tool for boosting SEO. A comprehensive and compelling guide has been provided to you to ascertain that your business is highly valued and highly ranked in your local area. Now you know how to carry out local seo link building and local seo backlinks.

Keep practising these techniques and you’re sure to be known as a highly authoritative domain and also a highly acclaimed website in your niche.

The basis of a highly valued business is to maintain its position. For doing the same , on e has to follow this exhaustive guide that not only will put you in a loop to make things look lucrative in your local area but also provide an insight to nascent stages of link building tactics. 

Creating a niche with these techniques will put you at ease. Once these steps are followed diligently,  there’s no reason why your business would not rank high on Google. Local businesses have a small domain that is why a compelling campaign can win you competitions.  To be on the top of the game, one has to network,  integrate, interact and build. Backlinks are essentially the spinal cord of a growing business. From a startup to an established business, it’s a role play of link building and local seo backlink techniques which can help to set your niche in the industry and in your local area.

Apparently,  a valued website means a valued brand and vice versa. 

Khushi Kochar

Khushi Kochar

Khushi Kochar is a writer, graphic designer, and social media manager. She is an author and free verse poet at Fraction Digital, a digital marketing agency. She is traveling through the wind and stopping each day to write about her adventures. You can find her on Instagram @khushikocharr

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