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This blog post is going to break down the best influencer search tools. It will explore what the best tool for influencer marketing is, and the correct use of each type. It will also explore the different ways to find influencers, does influencer marketing really work? and where you can find more specific details on the types of tools we will be discussing.

Influencer marketing is a powerful way to build your reach and create a loyal fanbase. These new technologies have made it easier than ever to reach your target audience by leveraging the power of influencers. There are many different influencer marketing search tools that can help you create content, send communications, and more.

In this highly competitive field of influencer marketing, influencer marketing resources are widely available but you need a marketing strategy to put your products in front of the right people. In addition to helping you get started, these tools will also help you grow socially and economically.

What does influencer marketing mean?

An influencer marketing campaign involves promotions and collaborations on social media. There is a loyal and active following on social media for these individuals, and they are regarded as experts within their niche. Because social influencers have built up a lot of trust with their following, their recommendations serve as proof to the audience that your brand is trustworthy. Influencing various media platforms is now considered a full-time career. It is an evergrowing field and coming out at the top is very difficult.

To find influencers that are the best fit for you, you need to ask yourselves a few questions like which influencer is in your niche? Who are influencers in your region? Who has good and engaging content with a wide reach? Which influencers are the best for your brand image? Do they fit your budget? Do they create content related to your brand?

All these questions are difficult to answer but the right marketing strategies and tools can help you find the perfect influencer.

How does one become an influencer?

To become an influencer, you should first choose your niche. What topic or category interests you? What are you good at? It could be anything – fashion, gaming, lifestyle, travel, etc. There are numerous and countless topics for you to explore. Influencers create their own brand and community.

One becomes an influencer when they start creating content on different types of social media apps and websites. You need to create content in which you are interested and have expertise in. Creating content on a regular basis is key for influencing. You constantly need to provide correspondence to your followers so that there is constant engagement on your profile and your growth is “organic”. This makes you appear on search and explore pages constantly, making you an important influencer in your category. Having a pretty good following will allow you to pitch brands to land brand collaborations once you’ve built a following. There are influencers who have created content on numerous topics and come out on the top. Therefore, experimenting with your content is important. 

How do influencers make money?

Influencers can make money in countless ways. The major source of income for them is brand deals. Brand deals, affiliate marketing, product reviewing, live videos, and exclusive subscriptions are a few things influencers do to derive money. Influencers post sponsored content for the different organizations they are working with premium links, and interactive sessions that keeps the income flowing. There are many types of influencers – nano influencers, micro-influencer, macro-influencers, mega influencers, and celebrities. Blogging and vlogging is the most popular form of influencing. A major source of income for many mega and micro-influencers is commissions. It is a win-win situation for both parties. An influencer is paid to share your brand with their audience, and any sales they generate are rewarded with a commission. It is one of the best arrangements as long as you have a fair commission structure.

How to find influencers to work with?

Social media or mail are great ways to connect with influencers for your brand campaign. Alternatively, you can hire an influencer through an influencer management agency or digital marketing agency. Google, social media, hashtags, blogs, LinkedIn, etc are a few other ways to find influencers. Using hashtags to find local influencers is a great way to discover them. Google, Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook are good sources of local creators. It is possible to find creators relevant to your industry if you search for your city and niche. There is a #mumbaifashionbloggers hashtag, which highlights fashion bloggers from the region.

What are the tools required to become a successful influencer? 

Grynow Media

Grynow media is one of the best influencer search tools, its goal is to help brands and marketers capitalize on social media influencers’ content so that they can market their products and services. Grynow is a leading influencer marketing agency in India and it provides a vast range of marketing services. Grynow Media helps brands connect with more than 50,000+ content creators, social media influencers, artists, bloggers, and audiences for various influencer marketing campaigns through interaction, engagement, and collaboration.

The influencers and marketing experts create unique content and carry out comprehensive influencer marketing strategies to utilize the loyal relationship between influencers and their followers to advertise and market your brand and its products. As a result, these influencer marketing tools help businesses in increasing their awareness, engagement, and sales through high interaction.


Plixxo is founded by Priyanka Gill who is the founder of a popular media company – POPxo. Plixxio is an influencer research tool. Popxo has an ever-growing youtube channel and Instagram handle. It is the perfect platform for brands and digital media influencers to connect and produce the most awesome campaigns.

The Pilxxo marketing platform in India has over 26,000 influencers, bloggers, YouTubers, Tiktok video makers, celebrities, Facebook Influencers, Instagram influencers, Twitterati, and campus ambassadors. Kritika Khurana, Aashna Shroff, Juhi Godambe, Aakriti Rana etc are some of the popular influencers present on this marketing platform. They have worked with brands such as Cadbury, Maybelline NewYork, Puma, Nike, Westside, Fastrack, and Jabong are few common brands they have worked with.


The #1 marketing platform for affiliate marketing is Grin. There are many influencer monitoring tools. As your influencer marketing campaign unfolds, GRIN provides you with the tools you need to nurture relationships with your influencers at every stage.

With top-of-the-line marketing management software, Grin gives its clients a competitive advantage. By finding all the listed users on its e-commerce sites, it can find their social media profiles.

With Grin, you get access to a wide range of content, products, and services. Grin has a wide range of brands on its platform, such as Skims, Cotton-on, Loreal, Trifecta, Macy’s, etc.


OPA is a Mumbai-based influencer marketing agency. OPA allows you to refine your search for influencers. There are over 80,000 registered influencers, 200+ brands, 400+ campaigns, and 800K content pieces on the platform. 

Although its pricing is a little competitive, this influencer tool company has a network of many micro-influencers to satisfy your needs. Although they are only three years old, they are already respected in the influencer marketing industry. The company has worked with brands such as Lakme, Godrej, Himalaya, Wow, CocoSoul, Plum, Sugar Cosmetics, BeardHood, BareAnatomy, The Man Company, Mittal Teas, Nykaa, Sugar, HUL, Vero Moda, Decathlon, among many others.


The company has grown to serve 27,000 customers in 120 countries, with more than 2,200 employees around the world, and 50 customers in more than 120 countries. As a result of the high quality of our work, Klear has had the opportunity to work with many well-known brands, including Addidas, Microsoft, Lakme, Huawei, Kayak, IBM, JP Morgan Chase, Estee Lauder, IMG, Huawei, Coca-Cola, and many others. 

Whether it’s small brands seeking to establish a presence in the market, or massive giants trying to contend with the competition, they cater to both. Across the leading social networks, Klear matches brands with creators relevant to their target audiences. Discover influencers that fit your brand values and target audience, by topics, locations, and much more.


Pulpkey is an influencer marketing company backed by technology and creativity.

Using Pulpkey’s technology, you can discover the right content creators, get their attention, monitor activity, and measure ROI effectively. Their analysis goes beyond followers and includes insights about influencers’ postings, engagements, collaborations, content habits, and more

This influencer marketing agency’s network of creators offers a wide range of content across all categories, allowing brands and influencers to collaborate seamlessly to tell their stories. Many Indian and international brands, including Swiggy, KingFisher, Western Union, Godrej, Zara, Nestle, Amazon, Taco Bell, Hotstar, Mother Dairy, and Faasos, have benefited from their services.

Eleve Media

In order to deliver high-quality engagement for your brand, they devise effective campaign strategies backed by advocacy solutions. A marketing campaign from this company helps you find the right brand and influencer fit by conceptualizing and executing an unconventional campaign. As a marketing agency, Elevate Media executes campaigns largely based on word of mouth, scaled reach, and maximization of brand buzz.

By identifying the right kind of influencers based on the niche and brand, a largely effective impact is created. The company has worked with clients such as Coca-Cola, Amazon, BMW, Audi, Nestle, Canon, LG, Samsung, Lays, Pepsi, HP, Philips, Dabur, MakeMyTrip, Addidas Honda, etc. 

Naiya Mehra from Bacardi said, “During our journey with Eleve for over a year, they’ve sought and delivered on new ways of driving the awareness of our brands and properties within the Indian market”. Eleve puts you in front of marketers from top brands looking to connect with Indian content creators.


The Qoruz influencer marketing platform is completely free and completely dependent on technology. The Co-Founder & CEO, Praanesh said, “We envision a connected Influencer ecosystem. By that, we mean not looking at Influencers as vehicles of reach” or human ad banners” but a world where brands and marketers forge tighter relationships with influencers, beyond money or reach”. 

And therefore users can use their search engine without time limits.

The company has developed a highly data-driven technology that allows you to create highly effective campaigns. Influencer marketing reports can be accessed by brand managers to see how influencers are promoting their brands. The Qoruz platform has access to brands like Swiggy, MEDIACOM, autumnGREY, ITC, Loreal, ISOBAR, Edelman, Marico and many more.

The companies will be able to access the influencer’s contact information so that they can launch campaigns and boost new product lines in close coordination with the influencers.


The Confluencer tool is an influencer marketing tool based in Mumbai. The agency vettes influencers across more than 50 genres while offering unbeatable prices on scale. 400+ leading Indian brands rely on it for marketing and influencer campaigns. Since its founding in 2019, Confluencer has worked across a wide variety of industries, including Banking and Finance, eCommerce, Food and Drink, Healthcare, and Education. The company has influencer networks in 16 countries, including India.

 Through Social Media Platforms, they help brands transform their business through Content Driven Influencer Solutions. The company’s client’s include Ola Money, upGrad, Purplle, Kotak, WOW Skincare, FlipKart, ICICI, PayTM, Octa FX, UpStox, Vedantu, and Meesho.


As opposed to most influencer platforms, Influence.co takes an entirely different approach. Besides offering all the usual influencer marketplace services, Influence.co also acts like a social media platform. They have an online community where the users can chat and interact with one and another. This allows the brands to maintain long-term relationships and uniformity. Over 250,000 people are members of Influence.co, including 150,000 influencers, 70,000 businesses, and 30,000 employees.

Influence.co operates has two models in which one is free and one is paid.  A basic free account allows you to build your own profile and access the platform’s community. The search engine allows you to conduct basic searches with up to 50 results per search and to organize those results into three lists. Monthly campaigns can be created, published, and messages can be sent to up to 12 influencers.  While in the Business Pro account, there is much more available. That is a paid plan. You can manage multiple profiles, conduct advanced searches, search unlimited lists, manage unlimited campaigns, generate campaign reports, add team members, find leads, and manage campaigns.


Influencer marketing, affiliate programs, creator management, user-generated content, and brand ambassadors Upfluence offers can help you build valuable partnerships. The service also features a database of over 3 million social media accounts, as well as over 3 million influencer profiles. In order to determine reach and engagement, the algorithm analyzes each piece of content.

It is possible for clients to use as many keywords as necessary when searching through Upfluence for influencers. In order to emphasize some keywords over others, you can place a relative weight on them. The number of followers, location, social platform, and social platform you use to restrict your search on Instagram are all ways to narrow your search. Near-real-time statistics are displayed as they are generated. Upfluence 1,600+ brands trust us.

A free version of Upfluence is also available along with the Chrome plugin. Essentially, it’s a tool that you can use to market to influencers on your own. In addition to supporting Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, and blogs, this tool allows you to analyze influencer profiles straight from your browser. Through the plugin, influencers have access to instantaneous, cutting-edge analytics across their social media accounts.


A Chrome extension called Discover.ly assists you with your network. It shows you your email recipients’ social media accounts and updates, as well as those of your LinkedIn and Facebook connections. In other words, you will be able to see what mutual Facebook friends someone that you are connected with on LinkedIn has.

Furthermore, you can also see the social media accounts of your connections across a wide variety of channels and platforms. You can use Google+, Klout, Angel Base, FourSquare, and Behance to connect with these networks.

The Discover.ly tool can be used to find out if any of your existing contacts are connected to influencers in your niche. The influencers could then be introduced to you by your contacts if you find any connections.


Among India’s pioneering online brands, Flipkart was one of the fir

A social media analytics platform called SocialBlade tracks user statistics across YouTube, Twitch, Twitter, and Instagram. By using this tool, you will be able to access the public database of influencers, live streamers, and brands that can provide you with analytics. SocialBlade has over 53.8M YouTube Creators, 7M Twitch Streamers, 10.1M Twitter Users, 10.4M Instagram Accounts, 1.2M Facebook Pages, 223.9K Dailymotion, and 804.5K Tiktok Creators. 

In order to find niche influencers, SocialBlade offers a great set of tools. With the query builder tool, you can filter search results for influencers relevant to your needs. Aside from that, it shows you the number of subscribers, geolocation, video views, and when the account was created. 

As well as showing you graphs of each influencer’s subscriber count and monthly views, SocialBlade provides graphs with all the progress each influencer has made. Using this method, you can discover how the partnership is developing and make a more informed decision.

If you complete the registration process, Social Blade will be free to use. From $3.99 to $99.99 per month, you can upgrade to a premium membership if you need additional functionality.

st to adopt TVCs as its primary content marketing tool as part of its content marketing eCommerce strategy. The ads are catchy and cute, with children dressed up as adults and children posing as adults.

As well as being topical, funny, and extremely engaging, these videos are also extremely educational!

Flipkart’s creativity, messaging, and sense of humour always make their customers smile when they see a new offer or service announcement.



Providing complete influencer marketing software and exceptional results is Traackr’s specialty.

A tool for finding social media influencers and measuring the results of campaigns, it helps users find social media influencers. You should consider Traackr if you’re looking for a tool that manages influencer marketing from the beginning to end.  

To assist in finding relevant influencers, Traackr maintains a database. Search results can be sorted by social media network, topic, age, gender, language, and brand affinities, as well as influencer location, age, gender, and language. The audience of the influence can also be filtered using the same method. 

Stats and Facts

Here are a few statistics and facts about this industry that will help you understand influencer marketing better:

  • The influencer marketing agency is a fast and ever-growing industry. The Indian influencer marketing industry is estimated to reach a value of Rs 900 crore by the end of 2021, according to GroupM INCA’s India Influencer Marketing Report. 
  • The market size of the influencer marketing industry is expected to reach Rs 2,200 crore by 2025 with a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 25%.
  • Most people follow the advice of micro-influencers in the amount of 82%. 
  • In the current generation of social media, brands and influencers are forging long-term relationships. Long-term relationships are not only more attractive to influencers, but they also yield a higher return on investment. 
  • In an environment where paid advertising costs on social platforms like YouTube and Instagram are on the rise, businesses must find a way to make ends meet. As a result of the influencer’s huge following, working with them can be cheaper than paid advertising. 

Even though influencer marketing still has a long way to go before it becomes saturated, you should expect it to become more expensive in the near future since it works so well. Are you still unsure if you should jump on board? Browse and research other brands in your industry who are using influencers for their ads. Some are probably running ads for several months or years, so it’s probably working if they’ve been running advertisements for some time. Finding a highly compatible influencer and testing it may turn out to be worth it, even if you don’t see anyone using it in your industry.

  • INCA’s influencer marketing survey found that 100% of marketing professionals believe influencer marketing will be a top priority for their marketing calendar in 2021. Moreover, the survey found that 50% of respondents are planning to increase influencer marketing budgets by 25-36%.
  • About 55% of the audience looks for reviews and additional information they can find about the brand and its services and products. And with the power of social media, this information can now be presented in an entertaining way of content. This attracts the consumer and proves as a verification for the brand.
  • Statistics show that  84% of the  people are from the age bracket of 18 to 29, and this market is actively purchasing online through multiple platforms.

Benefits of Influencer Marketing :

  • Social media is used by all age groups and cultures. Content is consumed by all, and if you can boost your brand by entertaining people then why should you not use these social media professionals to do it for you?
  • The increasing social media following of these influencers also helps in improving your SEO when you work and collaborate with them. It is important to mention that social presence is not a confirmed ranking factor, however, it is a signal to search engines that you have a large following that they equate with quality. Brands are undoubtedly the way of the future, and so are these social media experts.
  • Brand + Influencer = Collaboration. This method is a two-way street and just like any relationship, trust, loyalty, and commitment are important. Both the brand and influencer have to make a collective effort without which even a remarkable marketing tool cannot ensure 100% success while carrying out your campaign.
  • Free products or discounts are a common way for smaller businesses to go about the reference in influencer marketing. Why not offer somebody a free product or discount in exchange for a shout-out? This makes your brand available and visible to a new and larger audience. When an influencer incorporates your brand’s clothes or uses your product in their videos and posts the viewer has already been engaged and now even looks up your brand and product. mCaffiene and YogaBar are now huge brands with great followings. These brands used influencer marketing to grow and build their brand. For example you can provide YouTube influencers with products for free, and in turn, those influencers would showcase the products in videos.
  • Invest in long-term relationships that result in multiple campaigns. Almost 90% of brands prefer to build long-term relationships that result in multiple campaigns. The best way to utilize your budget is to select a few quality influencers and build a real relationship with them rather than spreading it out to many different influencers. In addition, influencers prefer the freedom to express themselves creatively, as one in three claims that a long set of guidelines turns them off.
  • A budget is also important before getting too excited and influencing your way into bankruptcy. 72% of influencers say that brand alignment is their most important factor when choosing a brand.

Let’s take a look at this case study to understand influencer marketing in a better way.

  1. Whisper – Icky, Sticky Campaign

Whisper had carried out an influencer marketing campaign with these well-known influencers – Aishwarya Mohanraj, Prashasti Singh, BhaiyaJiSmile (Sonal Devraj), Shreeja Chaturvedi, and Ramya Ramapriya.

The objective was to enhance awareness and consideration for Whisper Ultra Soft Air Fresh by using stand-up comedy to showcase its benefits. When a serious topic is presented in an entertaining way the viewer is attracted and is more likely to participate and listen to the topic being shared. In the campaign, it stated that there are many irritating situations in daily life that we can’t avoid, such as pados waali aunties, creepy dudes who sneak into our DMs, cheesy couples by the beach, and bosses who get on our nerves. Those situations make you feel helpless and you feel so “Icky Sticky” that there is no way out. There are, however, certain “Icky Sticky” feelings in your life that shouldn’t be ignored, especially if you’re on your period. As a medium to promote the product’s benefits and branding, they used stand-up comedy. Whisper Ultra Soft Air Fresh was introduced as a solution to Icky Sticky periods through tasteful product integration and humor.

Several well-known female stand-up comedians offered their expertise to amplify this campaign through home video demonstrations about the “Icky Sticky” emotions. Simple, yet quirky “Icky Sticky” monologues recall the harsh memories associated with it, which they have often experienced in their everyday lives. Calling out the benefits of Whisper Ultra Soft Air Fresh with its 500 Air Fresh pores, they convey a message that even though some “Icky Sticky” feelings can’t be removed, this is where Whisper Ultra Soft Air Fresh is there to help.

This campaign facilitated over 150k reach, 200k impressions, and 80k engagement.

The Takeaway

Influencer marketing is an amazing way to spread knowledge about your brand and its services. You can categorize your audience and target it. Influencer marketing generates positive discussion but at the same time, it is highly time-consuming and competitive their interesting and fresh marketing strategies are needed. 

Therefore, using these top influencer marketing tools that have multiple features and options makes your job much easier. You can generate the result you are wishing for. If you are a new business or influencer these tools can come in handy and can help you boost your reach effectively. There are free as well as paid tools, you need to choose them according to your preference, budget, and taste.

We hope you enjoyed our blog post about influencer marketing. The age of influencers is just getting started. The tools we are discussing are continually changing and innovating. If you are thinking about leveraging the power of influencers to grow your audience, we hope that this post will serve as a valuable resource! If you have any questions, please let us know by visiting fractiondigital.in. Thank you for reading, we would love to hear from you!

Khushi Kochar

Khushi Kochar

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