A Guide To Google Dynamic Search Ads: Definition, Advantages, Disadvantages and How To Use DSA.

Establish a solid structure for your campaign

Because DSA campaigns utilize auto-targets, and auto-targets reside within ad groups, ensure your auto-targets belong to the most specific ad groups there are. Granular structures allow you to better control and manage advertising if each ad group represents a product or product line for a larger category. Online grocery companies would want to create individual ad groups for auto-targeting aerated drinks, fresh juices etc, if they are creating DSA campaigns for different beverages.

Create campaigns that map all important keywords and create appealing headlines

The mapping of your queries should also be considered when designing tailored ads and post-click landing pages. To improve the placement of certain user queries in terms of campaigns and ad groups, negative keywords should be added to different DSA ad groups and campaigns. As a result, your DSAs will display the ads that are most relevant to the query.

Look for negatives

With DSAs, you can not only find negatives, but also keywords to add to text campaigns. Continue to add negative keywords to improve the user experience. Adding keywords to text campaigns is also a good idea. Consider keywords that have good traffic volume or keywords that convert well.

Put a spotlight on your promotions and special offers

Since DSAs generate headlines dynamically, you can highlight more promos and highlights of your business. Do you offer free shipping, fast delivery, and sales? Be sure to include this in your description line, and then let the system generate the headline based on this.

Bid Smartly

Is artificial intelligence a source of fear for you? In spite of the fact that artificial intelligence, robot algorithms such as Google's automated bidding algorithms may be frightening, you shouldn't be scared of them. It is evident that Google's Smart Bidding has evolved to a better state than it ever was before. By using Smart Bidding, advertisers have been able to increase the cost-per-acquisition and return-on-ad spend of their campaigns. The Smart Bidding method should be used for all DSA campaigns, whether they are going for a target-CPA or a target-ROAS