All the PPC Terms Explained : A Complete Glossary 


Active View CPM or Active View Cost-Per-Thousand Impressions: It is a method of bidding which allows ppc advertising to pay for every 1,000 impressions that are viewable or for which no less than 50% of the advertisement appears on screen for at least one second. Ad Campaign: A complete package of various ideas and themes to carry out extensive marketing onto various channels through various mediums that are SEO optimized. Finally to achieve the goals set out by the business.


Bid: The amount you bid for your ads that determines their ranking in comparison to your competitors' ads. It is also know as the “Keyword Bid.” This is the maximum amount you would like to pay for clicks for keywords you are targeting with your advertising campaign. Bing Ads: Bing's PPC platform which allows you to advertise on Yahoo! and Bing networks similar to Google Ads.


Callout Extensions: A Google Ads feature that lets you promote offers like free delivery, low prices, or 24-hour support with your ad text. Campaign: A collection of ad groups organized according to target audience segments, locations, and other demographic characteristics.


Daily Budget: The amount advertisers allocate and spend each day on their advertising campaigns. Data Filters: These enable you to display your users the key things they are meant to know from a vast amount of information. Day Parting: This option optimizes your ads to appear at certain times of the day that are most likely to generate conversions and attract users.


Editorial Review: An analysis of an advertisement before it is published to determine whether it follows the specificed guidelines. Effective Cost-Per-Click (eCPC): Measures the cost of an advertising campaign after it has been completed or terminated. It is also known as Estimated Cost-Per-Click. It is the ratio of total earnings divided by total clicks. Your campaign's cost-effectiveness can be determined by measuring the number of clicks you gained.