How To Choose The Right PPC Tools For Ecommerce And Retail Businesses.

PPC in retail industry

In retail, PPC campaigns are essential because they link businesses with clients and increase online sales. Using PPC advertising for retailing brands can assist them in obtaining qualified leads in order to grow their business.

The role of PPC in e-commerce

The use of PPC marketing is one of the most important methods for advancing the success of an online business through the text-based or show-based promotion of a business site.

With a PPC advertising campaign, your internet business will be able to see immediate results for a limited budget.


The Channable PPC tool is an ideal PPC management tool if you're running a retail or e-commerce business or you're trying to track the performance of your advertisements. It is one of the top ppc tools when it comes to retail eCommerce.

 Channable is especially popular with retailers and e-commerce businesses looking for a PPC manager tool to manage their PPC campaigns.


Whether you are looking for a PPC tool specifically for e-commerce or retail businesses, Whatagraph is extremely useful. With this tool, you will be able to create automated reports and save yourself the headache of having to look at Google Analytics daily. There is no better way to track and measure the success of a digital marketing campaign than by using this one-stop shop.


This tool strives to offer everything you need in one place, making it one of the most powerful reporting tools available.

DashThis has a dashboard that makes it easy to keep track of everything you need (CPA, conversion rate, clicks, etc.) from one simple place so that you can spend less time looking for information and more time implementing it.


Oribi is a PPC marketer's best friend, giving them all the tools they need to run effective campaigns. A key strength of the tool is that it offers data-driven insights and solutions to businesses of all sizes and sectors, regardless of their industry or size. By doing so, they simplify complex data analytics, making them easy to understand and converting them into actionable insights for users.

Helium 10

There is a multitude of tools that Helium 10 offers to help Amazon sellers with all the tasks they have to complete on the platform.  From finding profitable products to selling to supercharging your conversions, they have tools to help sellers at every stage of their journey.