How to Use Content Marketing for eCommerce Sales

What is content marketing?

A content marketing campaign involves developing and distributing relevant, useful content to your current and potential customers. It includes blogs, newsletters, white papers, social media posts, emails, videos, and the like.

What is eCommerce content marketing?

Ecommerce brands can differentiate themselves from their competitors using a content strategy for eCommerce.

eCommerce content marketing, online retailers can build relationships with their customers that are authentic and deep.

Importance of eCommerce content marketing?

1. Marketing content for e-commerce improves SEO.

2. The customer journey is completed by eCommerce content marketing.

Differentiate your brand with content marketing.

Ecommerce can be difficult to differentiate unless you sell a unique product. Setting yourself apart can be accomplished through content strategy.

It can display brand personality, and customers may become loyal who wouldn't otherwise be.

Ecommerce content marketing optimizes your conversion funnel.

Content is often siloed by eCommerce brands, disconnected from the brand's operations and eCommerce site.

You should strengthen your relationship with your audience every time you interact with your audience.

How to write e-commerce website content?

1. First impact your audience, then google

2. Testimonials from customers

3.Word count is mandatory

4. Don't duplicate content!

5. Content that sells

Best eCommerce content examples in India:

1. Amul

Amul's topical creatives address any current situation from the masses' point of view.

The Amul girl can be found in any of their content in a way that conveys the story from her perspective

2. Zomato

Zomato knows its audience very well. Bringing out the foodie in you is what makes them stand out! Zomato's funny tweet, 'Guys, kabhi kabhi ghar ka khana bhi kha lena chahiye', garnered over 18,000 likes in July 2019.

3. Oreo India

Keeping its audience engaged with its content is Oreo India's secret. Due to the campaign #DailyDunks with Bollywood celebrity Ranbir Kapoor, Oreo initially faced substantial challenges in the Indian market.

4. Vogue India

To raise awareness about women's empowerment and violence against women, #VogueEmpower was created. Content marketing videos featuring Bollywood celebrities like Madhuri Dixit add glamour and create buzz.

5. Flipkart

Flipkart was one of the first to adopt TVCs as its primary content marketing tool as part of its content marketing eCommerce strategy.

As well as being topical, funny, and extremely engaging, these videos are also extremely educational!


There is a lot of emotion and fun in every aspect of marriage on They do a number of things that make them stand out from other matrimonial websites, such as creating unique hashtags and campaign ideas.

7. Imperial Blue

Their greatest success came from the 'Men will be men' campaign, and Imperial Blue uses video marketing for all of its campaigns. Throughout its commercials, the brand does a very good job of representing the psychology of men.

8..OLX India

OLX extensively uses video marketing. 'Womaniya' is a song with the tagline 'Where Buyers Meet Sellers. To appeal to the senses, they used marketing psychology. OLX is the place for you if you want to re-sell something!


Content marketers must create and share relevant articles, films, podcasts, and other material to reach, engage, and maintain an audience. A content marketing campaign entails creating and distributing helpful material to present and prospective clients. This type of content displays knowledge and demonstrates that a firm appreciates its clients.