Rank Tracking APIs to track Keywords

API for google keyword ranking: SEMRUSH

Those who are looking for a powerful all-in-one tool for marketing and small businesses. It offers an impressive rank tracking platform that enables you to address SEO, competitor research, content marketing, PPC, and social media marketing all from one place.

Accu Ranker

Intuitive formatting, advanced rank tracking features, and data integrations are required by larger teams in accuranker data studio. With daily updates and a wealth of data, this premium tool is marketed as the "ultimate" SERP rank tracker tool.


A localized version of an international organization or a localized version of an international business. In over 50 000 locations around the world, GeoRanker is a great tool for tracking rankings as a local user, which allows you to focus on local SEO. Search engine rankings are checked for Google, Google Maps, Youtube, Naver, Bing, Yahoo keyword rank checker, Baidu, and other search engines on a desktop and mobile device using this rank API.

Rank Ranger

SEO beginners and low-maintenance sites that require fewer data. With Rank Ranger, you can track keywords in a reliable and efficient manner. While it's not as robust as rival options, it does a fine job tracking keyword performance and contains all the essentials.

DataForSEO Rank Tracker API

Search engine optimization and marketing agencies that need real-time data on search engine results. For businesses and SEOs who are quick on their feet, this search engine ranking API provides accurate, comprehensive real-time information.