SEO guidelines for e-commerce product pages

Make sure the meta description and title tags are included

hundreds of optimised products in your eCommerce store will be of no good if the individual products are not search-friendly. Your ranking in search engines plays a crucial role in helping you thrive as a marketer and boost the growth of your business.

Describe the product in a creative way

Write a unique, compelling and detailed product catalogue optimization description for each product that you own. Make sure not to copy-paste the description of a product from the manufacturer’s site and instead write one of your own.

Your website should contain customer reviews

Including customer reviews on your eCommerce website can act as gold for your business. Positive reviews on your site can help grow your organic rankings on Google. Showcasing customer reviews not only increases the authenticity of your eCommerce store, but it also leads to higher conversion rates among customers.

Make Your Website FAQ-Friendly

For any eCommerce owner or any other business owner, the audience is everything. To keep your audience well-informed about your store, adding an FAQ section is crucial. Without an FAQ page, your visitors would need to contact you in person and wait for a callback.

Text can be added to infographics, podcasts, and videos

Yes, visual content (like infographics and podcasts) is an awesome way to get traffic and backlinks.But they have one big problem:Google can’t understand ’em!That’s why I recommend adding plenty of text to go along with your infographic, podcast or video.