What are the Different Types Of PPC Ads? 

Display Ads

Through banners or other advertising formats containing text, images, video, and audio, digital display advertising is available on websites, apps, or social media platforms. Website visitors are primarily exposed to advertisements and brand messages via display advertising.

Search ads

There are multiple google ad campaign types. A search ad or paid advertisement is a popular advertising technique. These ads are a great way to reach people searching for your products or services online. You can also reach potential customers on your own who are looking for products or services.

Remarketing Ads

A remarketing campaign is also called a retargeting campaign which is a common example of PPC. Essentially, it is a digital marketing technique that allows brands to display advertising to users who have previously visited their websiteson a ppc platform. Remarketing ads helps in increasing total website conversions by targeting relevant previous users.

          Video Ads

A video advertisement refers to online display advertisements in which advertisement is done through the video medium. The videos contain the content of the brand, its products, and services. They are similar to the ads that appear on television.

Google Shopping Ads

One type of search ads are Google Shooping Ads that Google Ads provide. This type of ad gives detailed information about specific products that you sell. Google Merchant Center and Google Ads are used to create Shopping campaigns and set up product information.

        Email Ads

One of the most traditional ppc examples and ad campaign types is Email Ads. Incorporating PPC and email marketing can increase your email list. One of the biggest benefits of integrating PPC and email marketing is that it helps to create a consistent cross-channel marketing strategy across all channels. When PPC advertising is coupled with email campaigns, customers can expect a seamless buying journey.

   Social Media Ads

PPC (Pay Per Click) on social media platforms is a form of paid digital advertising. Pay per click images are advertised through visual content. Depending on the platform's data, these ads can be targeted to groups of users based on demographics, interests, or other factors. CPC (Cost Per Click) and CPM (Cost Per Thousand Impressions) are two bid strategies that advertisers can use to pay for these ads.

Location Google Ads

Location information is distributed across several channels. A Performance Max Automation upgrade will be applied automatically to local campaigns. You can increase inventory and reach new customers by upgrading local campaigns with one-click tools.