Local Link Building Strategies in Your Budget

Participate in Local Competitions Awards

Participate to get noticed. Each locality holds competitions and contests to make the people of a particular area aware of businesses around. These local events could do a great deal to your business.  Add up to the list of upcoming events and draw attention. Google  search can be used for finding  upcoming events in your demographic area and you are good to go. Enlist all events of relevance.  Participate, perform and win is the mantra.

Finding Unlinked Online Mentions

In the globe of the world online, there could be many who display your products, discuss about your services, but not all mention your name. Such unlinked mentions can serve as a golden opportunity. Reach out to them,  if they know your business and you can find their contact, and ask for a backlink. If they value your business, they're sure to provide a backlink on being asked.

Advertise in local community magazines

Every local community issues magazines or newsletters for their particular region/area. Getting noticed in  such magazines or  newsletters  gives an insight into the local brand marketing . Not only do this magazines make people aware of your brand but also allow you to notice the trends going on in the market. An are could have varied interests but also common likes and dislikes. This list can be categorized and used to our benefit.

Facebook Ads

A paid ad campaign on Facebook  is yet another tool to generate awareness,  visibility and exposure. Do not forget to link your website to Facebook.  Thus, backlinks can be sought through this ad campaign. Facebook Ads is perhaps one of the only effective strategy to make an impact in perception to area. Your specific area targeting can provide you valuable backlinks.

Create A Google Custom Map

Google’s custom Map tool is used to mark maps, tags, locations as well as nearby landmarks. These maps can be used by local businesses  to map the demographics that maybe relevant to their domain. Thus,  specific maps can be created for specific purposes.  For instance,  if you’re trying to locate restaurants around a particular area that you're visiting,

Content Promotion with Local Influencers

The established goodwill and expertise of influencers can take you an extra mile. Therefore,  collaborating with such influencers  can level up your position to expand visibility of your content. More Exposure = More Backlinks.