What is  E-Commerce Marketing? What Are The Best  E-Commerce Marketing Tools?

E-commerce marketing

The purpose of ecommerce digital marketing is to drive traffic to your online store, convert that traffic into paying customers, and retain those customers. Ecommerce marketing tools can promote your online store and drive sales for specific products or for your business in general.

A successful and productive marketing strategy for ecommerce combines on- and off-site marketing strategies for your website


OptiMonk helps you drive more conversions with pop ups and other onsite messages. It has a feature that enables you to stop cart abandonment. In recent years, OptiMonk has emerged as a go-to platform for Customer Value Optimization (CVO), helping online shop owners create delightful customer experiences. The combination of personalization, A/B testing, and advanced segmentation makes it a perfect solution.


Digital experiences can be created and optimized with the Optimizely Digital Experience Platform. On this platform, you can easily create, tailor, and scale content with a best-in-class enterprise CMS. There is even the option of multiplying the number of shops, inventories, and catalogs online and offline.


GTmetrix is the best solution for testing your website's performance and monitoring its behavior. Your website's speed can be accurately analyzed.

GTmetrix breaks down your page performance in a summarized report. You get a detailed assessment which includes : – Lighthouse metrics and audits – Web Vitals (LCP, TBT, CLS) – Various Analysis Options – Waterfall, Video, and Report History


Hotjar provides tools for analyzing website heatmaps and behavior analytics. Your website's lack of conversions can be traced back to a lack of conversions with Hotjar. You can view the movements visitors make on your site using a range of qualitative analytics tools. In Hotjar, you can find out where users are leaving the website and why they are clicking through.

Google Keyword Planner

Google Keyword Planner is an online keyword research tool. The maximum number of businesses start their keyword planning here. The Google Keyword Planner allows you to : – Discover new keywords   - Research keywordsGet bid estimates - Make your plan

Google Trends

Trending search terms can be explored, as well as how one keyword compares to another. You can also view more information about specific countries and locations by selecting different regions. Google Trends displays a large sample of actual Google search requests that are unfiltered. Google Trends is a free tool that you can use online.

Google Analytics

In terms of analyzing ecommerce traffic, Google Analytics is one of the most popular tools. By using Google Analytics, you can get detailed information about how your online store is performing and how visitors are navigating your site.

Website analysis tools like this have almost limitless uses, which is why they continue to be the top choice.


Bitly is a URL shortener. With Bitly, you can create shortened links and check their performance quickly. In addition, you can customize links according to your brand and the page on your website.

Bitly's branded links generate 34% more clicks.

Survey Monkey

Online survey tools such as Survey Monkey are free to use. Your customers can tell you what they think about your brand, product, or ideas with customizable surveys from Survey Monkey.  With the survey templates, you can collect everything from market research to employee engagement data.


A popular email marketing tool for small businesses is Mailchimp. By using Mailchimp, you will be able to sell your products, reach new customers, and take your business to the next level. There are more than 250 apps integrated with it.

In Mailchimp, you can choose from a variety of built-in email templates. Additionally, you can create your own templates without any HTML or CSS knowledge.


With its slogan of more leads and less effort, SocialBee helps you manage your social media accounts, create, schedule, publish, and analyze your posts.

With this affordable tool, you can save lots of time and increase your online presence quickly.