20 Rank Tracking API is to track Keyword Ranking API

Tracking keywords is dismissed by some SEOs as a throwback to Google’s keyword-driven past.

It is still worthwhile to track your keyword positions even as times have changed. Understanding how your website (and related keywords) ranks in the SERPs is important, as is determining whether things are progressing successfully.

Instead of signing into a tool, rank tracking APIs let you pipe data straight into your preferred spreadsheet or database.

There has been a lot of change in SEO over the past few years, but keyword ranking remains a critical metric. It’s important to me to know which posts and pages will offer the biggest return on investment when I’m optimizing a website. In order to rank a post, you should know what keywords it ranks for.

Knowing these factors will help you determine where you should focus your efforts, what images to invest in, what content to create, etc. As I explore these rank trackers with APIs further, I will dive into what they have to offer when it comes to keyword rank tracking baidu and SEO tools.

How Do These Tools Help?

Tracking multiple keyword ranking tracking for baidu keyword rank tracking across multiple search engines and URLs is possible with rank tracking tools. Additionally, they include features like geo-targeting, keyword suggestions, and the ability to track the rankings of desktop and mobile searches separately.

Your SEO game will level up as you use keyword management tools to research keywords and analyze data, sort them into categories, and manage them with ease.

Visibility Enhancement

SEO optimization and strategy performance can be measured with these tools. It is important to have these tools for a number of reasons.

The rankings of your keywords in the SERPs can be determined by using a keyword tracking tool. Your visibility is increased by identifying best-performing keywords.

Positions in the ranking

It’s possible to identify which keywords are working well for you by monitoring your rank position. If your rank drops, you can also look for reasons why, such as competitors outranking your site, or technical errors. Improve your ranking by using this information.

Competitor assessment

Make use of the tools to find the keywords that your competitors are using to achieve high rankings. As well as finding out which keywords they are missing, you can also get an idea of how well they perform for your target keywords. Furthermore, you can examine their online presence, social engagement, backlinks, and best-performing content.

With the tools, you can make informed decisions about which keywords to rank for on your site.

Identify keywords with potential

It is easier to find better keyword opportunities when tracking relevant keywords continuously, based on search volumes, ranking pages, search intent, and competition, which helps you prioritize keywords efficiently.

Let’s take a look at some of the best tools for tracking your site’s rankings and managing keywords.

Ranking trackers with API – 20 best ones

The only thing consistent among these rank trackers is that APIs (application programming interfaces) make it easier (and more efficient) to manage your (or your client’s) website.

API for google keyword ranking: SEMRUSH


Those who are looking for a powerful all-in-one tool for marketing and small businesses.

It offers an impressive rank tracking platform that enables you to address SEO, competitor research, content marketing, PPC, and social media marketing all from one place. Further details can be found here:

  • From tracking your SERP positions everyday to setting up technical SEO audits, this toolkit includes everything you need to be successful with SEO
  • Helps you grow your website with actionable ideas and tips
  • Tracks your opponents’ keywords, campaigns, and ads more effectively

AccuRanker api

Intuitive formatting, advanced rank tracking features, and data integrations are required by larger teams in accuranker data studio.

With daily updates and a wealth of data, this premium tool is marketed as the “ultimate” SERP rank tracker tool. The reasons are as follows:

    • Track and check SERPs quickly with Accuranker google data studio
    • The REST API provides access to all data and metrics
    • Content that performs best for your competition can be identified easily
    • Data sharing and working with intuitive technology is easy

Rank Tracker API for GeoRanker

A localized version of an international organization or a localized version of an international business.

In over 50 000 locations around the world, GeoRanker is a great tool for tracking rankings as a local user, which allows you to focus on local SEO. Search engine rankings are checked for Google, Google Maps, Youtube, Naver, Bing, Yahoo keyword rank checker, Baidu, and other search engines on a desktop and mobile device using this rank API.

  • Easily exports your ranking to Excel, Word, or other file formats via raw-HTML or parsed-JSON format.
  • Business intelligence tools and platforms that integrate SEO data
  • Locations can be found from Google photos using the geotagging feature
  • In real-time, get keyword, advertiser, and organic data


Search engine optimization professionals who want a rank tracker with fewer bells and whistles at a cheaper price.

With Nightwatch rank tracker, you can segment your data based on a variety of useful metrics, which makes it different from other rank trackers. When working with clients, this is a great option because of the excellent UI and UX. This keyword rank checker API is described in more detail here:

  • An attractive, intuitive, and clean dashboard
  • Data sources such as Ahrefs and Moz are integrated into the dashboard
  • Monitoring and auditing of backlinks are possible with API access
  • The ability to automate and act on reports


Ranktracker provides a simple and powerful platform for researching keywords, tracking rankings and analyzing competition. No matter if you belong to a startup or an established business, it helps you keep up to date with global data sources.

Your site’s search result ranking and position for a particular keyword, as well as search traffic you receive from search engines. The rank can be visualized on different devices and locations using filters to refine data.

With Ranktracker’s keyword finder and SERP checker tools, you can optimize your SEO from planning, analyzing, tracking, and solving problems to improve your business performance.

Rank Ranger

SEO beginners and low-maintenance sites that require fewer data.

With Rank Ranger, you can track keywords in a reliable and efficient manner. While it’s not as robust as rival options, it does a fine job tracking keyword performance and contains all the essentials. API support is only available to customers who subscribe to their premium or pro subscriptions.

  • Bulk uploads allow for quick keyword updates
  • It is our pleasure to provide you with valuable customer service from Rank Rager
  • With the API tool, it is easy to integrate rank statistics, average statistics, competitor statistics, top 50 and 100 rank, and much more.
  • You may need to use another tool for their reporting dashboard and custom report features

Keyword (SerpBook)

It is easy to integrate Keyword/SerpBook api ranking data into your applications using our API. A HTTP GET request is used to make API calls.

Authority Labs Rank Tracking

Using Authority Labs API, you can automate keyword monitoring, monitor local and mobile rank tracking, and discover opportunities to showcase your website on SERPs

Raw search results can be pulled via the API; keywords, engines, and locations can be queued up and returned as JSON-formatted results.

Keyword monitoring tools that are affordable and simplistic are ideal for small businesses.

You can use this rank tracker API to automate keyword monitoring, get daily data, and see results specific to a specific geographical location. In addition to global rank tracking, Authority Labs also supports domains in any language and country.

  • You can easily compare the progress of a campaign from the beginning, over the past month, or during the last week.
  • There is excellent customer support available to assist with any questions or issues you may have
  • Clients might not appreciate the simplicity of the interface, but it is intuitive
  • Multiple local and national search engine rankings are tracked for mobile and desktop

published within a few days. 

Seobility Rank Tracking API

Beginners looking for a free tool to start with.

From beginning to advanced, Seobility offers a free tool that differentiates it from its competitors. There is a dashboard that indicates what needs to be fixed on your site, and this full-suite tool is intuitive and easy to use. Beginners and professionals will both benefit from these features.

  • When you decide it’s necessary, you can rescan your site
  • Analyzes backlinks and builds links
  • A daily update is provided by Google for desktop and mobile rankings


A useful SEO keyword search tool, Moz’s Keyword Explorer has 500M+ traffic-driving keywords. This tool will assist you in prioritizing and discovering the best possible keywords that you can target by entering a keyword or URL.

Besides 500 million keyword suggestions, you will be able to view results from 170 search engines, as well as 180 million keywords that are currently ranking on the search engine results page. In addition, this tool makes it easy to analyze SERPs and keywords in detail.

The keyword analysis tool also analyzes the search volumes of keywords, prioritizes them according to their topics, and generates keyword lists. The CSV format supports exporting well-formatted and metrics-rich keyword suggestions, lists, and analyses.

Use keywords that are more relevant and related to the question format to beat the competition. With Keyword Explorer, you can sort keywords by difficulty level, organic click-through rates, and volume, and strategize them for search engine optimization by location. Moz also offers free SEO tools in addition to Keyword Explorer.


A cost-effective tool packed with features and functions for SEOs and agencies.

Since its launch in 2007, this rank tracker has been gaining popularity. This tool is top-notch for almost anyone, as it is updated regularly and has excellent customer service.

  • An SEO audit and on-page analysis are included in the SEO tools
  • Adding branding to client reports is possible with white label reporting
  • The ability to work on problems is simplified with useful, well-presented data
  • Email digests sent on rank movements on a daily or weekly basis

Rank Ranger

Sites with low maintenance needs or companies that are new to SEO.

With Rank Ranger, you can track keywords in a reliable and efficient manner. Although it is less robust than other tools and has fewer SEO features, it still offers all the basics and tracks keyword performance quite well. Their premium and pro subscriptions are the only ones that include API usage.

  • Bulk uploads allow for quick keyword updates
  • The customer support provided by Rank Rager is excellent
  • Ranking stats, average rankings, competitors’ rankings, and top 50 and 100 rankings can be easily integrated with API tool
  • There may be a need for another tool if they don’t have a dashboard or customized reports.

SE Ranking

Businesses and marketing agencies looking for low-cost all-in-one SEO software.

Several SEO tools on the market today can be compared to SE Ranking, and it’s easy to see why. The tool offers everything you need for successful SEO, in one easy-to-use interface, from keyword ranking tracking to backlink analysis.

  • Small businesses and large agencies can take advantage of flexible, scalable pricing
  • There are features such as whitelabeling, marketing plans, social media management, etc.
  • With so many helpful features, it’s probably the only SEO tool you’ll ever need

DataForSEO Rank Tracker API

Search engine optimization and marketing agencies that need real-time data on search engine results.

For businesses and SEOs who are quick on their feet, this search engine ranking API provides accurate, comprehensive real-time data. You never have to wait long for answers or advice from DataForSEO – the team is always available to assist you.

  • Your audience can see SERP tracking api in the same way you do with location-specific results
  • A raw HTML and a parsed JSON version of the results are provided
  • Results are displayed in real-time with the live mode of SERP tracker API
  • Amazon and Google Shopping data can be collected, which is ideal for merchants

SERPWoo Rankings API

Reverse engineering the search terms of their competitors is a popular strategy among SEOs and businesses.

Unlike static data providers, SERPWoo provides live data. It is possible for you to get actionable data on what your competitors are ranking for and why they are ranking for it with this rank tracker.

  • It is possible to determine which keywords have a long lifespan by using the historical SERP alerts rankings archives feature
  • Positive and negative URLs can be tracked by ORM (online reputation management)
  • Google Sheets and Google Data Studio can integrate REST API data
  • 11 programming languages are supported by the API and sample code, making them ideal for developers


Monitoring client and competitor keyword rankings for SEO agencies.

You can track keywords either daily, weekly, biweekly, monthly, or on-demand with Authoritas’ flexible rank checking schedule.

 In addition, this rank tracker comes with pre-built filters for evaluating keyword performance, making it a great choice for agencies managing multiple sites at the same time.

  • We provide insight, ideas, and solutions through our Authoritas team
  • A web crawler, backlink reporting, rank tracker, and backlink analysis tool are included.
  • Businesses and agencies can choose from a variety of options.

Google Maps Data API

Our Google  Rank Tracking API allows you to track and analyze the Google Maps keyword positions. Browse the full SERP data for Google MAPS and use it to profile your competitors.

With this method, you are able to obtain search ranking results from both Google and Bing position tracker that are relevant for your website. As well as organic and local/maps rankings, the API can be used to get more information about the site.


Take advantage of Seobase’s powerful and free SEO tools to improve your search engine rankings, analyze keywords, and outperform your competitors.

The intuitive user interface of this product will enable you to take better control of your online presence by tracking SEO rankings accurately, managing keywords, and analyzing reports month after month, week after week, or even on a daily basis. As a result of tracking the website, our metrics will be able to display the data based on keywords and search volume of the current position of the site.


Serpstat is a handy tool for PPC or SEO professionals, big digital agencies, and marketing experts. The tool allows for analysis of a whole site, the collection of semantics, the analysis of competitors, clustering, daily ranking tracking, and backlinking.

You can collect semantics with indicators, such as competitor numbers, keyword difficulty, popularity, and volume, by searching for the website of your competitors in the same niche. As well as keyword suggestions and options, you can also create a blog content plan here.

Find niche leaders by analysing their advertisements and keywords and examining their seasonality. To analyze the SEO and to find authoritative sites to link to, you can use 18 metrics to check the list of domains. Keywords with high quality can also enhance your traffic.

Searchstat allows you to track the ranking of your website and the ranking of your closest competitors throughout the world. The software allows you to schedule rank tracking reports to be sent daily, weekly, or monthly. Furthermore, analyzed keywords can guide you in tracking market share. You can use Serpstat’s API to access the tools you need, and you can integrate with other platforms to improve the quality of your work. You can also analyze any website with Serpstat Website SEO Checker.




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